Mari Attempts to Not Throw Anything Away – Day 1

Day 1: Journey to the unknown. Knowing more about myself.


By Marianne Miranda

I started my intervention last night, even setting a daily Google Calendar reminder to keep me on top of it.  From day 1 alone, I realized that the amount of trash I had already accumulated directly correlates with my lifestyle. I meal prep so I usually use reusable plastic containers to store my food. The aluminum foil is the result of not washing those reusable plastic containers the previous night because of tiredness. I like to get my Vitamin C in, which resulted in the mandarin orange peels. I don’t like to eat the crusts of my bread, which resulted in, you guessed it, the crusts of my bread. The travel-sized circus animal container resulted from rushing in the morning and grabbing something easy to pack.

Most of the trash I produced today could’ve been eliminated if I just made simple changes. I could’ve prioritized washing the reusable plastic containers to eliminate the aluminum foil. I could’ve just not be picky and eat the crusts to eliminate the gluten-free bread crusts. I could’ve pre-packed almonds in a small container so I could also grab them and go to eliminate the travel-sized circus animal trash.

And so, I’ll make it my goal to be more mindful and make more conscious decisions the rest of the week.


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