Katie Hoagland tries to be a good human

Just before starting this intervention I read this article on the recent UN climate report, which basically says that if we don’t have a massive overhaul of energy systems and carbon output we’re on track for a Mad Max civilization by 2100. So with that fun thought in my mind, and a recognition that every individual action does help, I began this self intervention. The most interesting realization I’ve had so far is how long it takes me to grocery shop when I’m actually thinking about foods with excessive packaging waste. It takes a long time. But I managed, and started the week with a fridge stocked full of minimally packaged squash, kale, and about 800 servings of meal-prepped pasta. I’m on day 2 and have collected about half a mason jar of non-recyclables, two small cardboard packages, and a few food waste scraps. I am not collecting the poop bags that I use for my dog, as those are her trash not mine and my roommate would probably kill me. Throwing trash away is such a strong habit, I’ve found that I’ll throw things away without thinking about it and have to go back and collect them later.


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