Gabriela Niggemann – Trash Status Day 3

Day three has begun and I have to say it is harder to monitor my waste production then I thought. At the beginning I thought “this will be an easy one” but it is pretty hard to keep the trash. To be honest, I sometimes forgot to keep the things and then immediately wrote them down in my phone so I could still go on with this self intervention.

Further I’ve noticed, that I buy my stuff way more carefully during the day so I do not have to carry around that much trash. I’m excited about how this experiment will go on! To give an insight into my current trash status:

  • Plastic: 5 (Food packaging)
  • Cosmetic: 5 (cotton pads and swabs)
  • Packaging: 1 (I bought a hair dryer)
  • Food waste: 0 (Lucky me!)
  • Paper: 1 (Food packaging)
  • Wood: 2 (chopsticks)



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