Hailey Hokenson is Doing Good

I had realized I had forgotten to collect my trash on Sunday night as I scraped the last of my burrito bowl into my trashcan. Not wanting to attempt to retrieve the rice and beans, I decided there is no better day than Monday to start. I am relatively shocked at how little trash I have accumulated over these past two days. I think the small amount of trash comes from my busy schedule, but I have a feeling my bag of trash will increase as we head near the weekend. Most of my trash accumulates when I make dinner, but because I have to keep my collection of trash in my room, I have put forth more effort to not have food waste. Also, my fridge is jam packed with reusable Tupperware, so that has eliminated the usual ziplock bags my lunches come in. Most of my trash includes plastic—including plastic utensils I have been forced to use by my roommates since I am sick. But once I am healthy again, the number of plastic utensils will diminish! Overall, I feel this self intervention is showing me little ways I can improve throughout my day to day schedule. 

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