Day 6 –– Kalie Oku

This has been an interesting experience. It certainly has made me think about how much trash I produce every day. I haven’t been able to save all my trash because at work I throw what I need to throw away in the trash bins. I make quite a bit of trash at work (Preschool Learning Lab) cleaning tables, wiping up spills. Mostly paper towels. However, I started using a bleach sponge instead of paper towels recently. That’s a positive change 🙂

In general, this project has encouraged me to be more thoughtful about how much trash I produce. I try to reuse items that can be reused, I’ve been better about remembering to bring a grocery bag to the grocery store. But… It’s pretty inconvenient to have to collect my own trash separate from the usual trash can. I get grossed out easily by stinky or mushy food. I’m kinda lame that way. It would be nice if I was less grossed out. I’ve been working on it though. This isn’t an overnight process. I’ll get better and better each year.

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