Mari Attempts to Not Throw Anything Away – The End

Mari’s Reflection

Mari’s one week worth of trash.

By Marianne Miranda

As I end my first intervention, there are two things I’d like to reflect on.

  1. I’m doing a better job than I thought I’d do: I remember being the type of person who would not recycle because “why should it matter to me?” While I was growing up, trash is trash and my family put no effort to limit it or even start composting, recycling, etc. I’d say that it is because my family is from the Philippines and back then from what I remembered from my earlier visits to my hometown in Talisay City, Cebu, trash was everywhere and there was no set system for garbage collection. I definitely have been more conscious of the environment over the years because of learning the truth about pollution, and it shows (from my results).
  2. …however, I do need to work on myself because of food restriction: Because I am more aware of my trash, I’m more aware of my consumption and the pattern of the start of my food restriction cycles. This isn’t foreign to me. I have a history of restricting my food intake because of ‘convenience’ and it ‘saves time’. This has led to numerous health problems and numerous visits to the health center. I’ll be making an effort to exit that restriction cycle this week but also being environmentally conscious of the waste I produce (aka buying food items with the least amount of plastic/harmful packaging).

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