Final Thoughts – Elsa Bassett

This week was a very eye opening for me. I was unaware of the amount of waste that I produce, and was fairly surprised by how little waste that I had. I feel that the amount of waste I have depends on the week and what food I finish that week that I will throw away. I felt as though this week I had less to throw away because I had recently gone grocery shopping, so I did not have much to throw away from my fridge. Also, last week my roommates and I had run out of ziploc bags and therefore I did not puts my lunch snacks in those when I normally would. I feel encouraged to continue to find ways that I can create less and less waste through the use of reusable containers. There was some waste that I could not avoid, like banana peels and apple cores, but while I usually just throw those in the trash, I plan to be better about composting those things. I hope to continue lessening the amount of waste that I produce and felt very challenged by this exercise.

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