Reflection On My Trash

Personally, this week was a really good reminder for me. I have many types of reusable cups and food storage containers, but often use recyclable products instead. I feel like this is such an easy fix to eliminate some waste, and I definitely plan to implement some changes in my life in the cooking regard. I also found that I produce a fair amount of what I will call personal hygiene waste. Makeup wipes, cotton balls, q-tips–none are reusable and all produce waste. I am sure I could find some alternatives here as well. Lastly, I use a lot of paper as a student. I know that this produces a lot of waste, so it is important to be conscious of when it is necessary to use paper versus when it is not. After analyzing my trash, these were my major categories of waste. It was a cool and interesting experience for sure.

-Megan Ruthford

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