Reflection on the Week

Looking back at the week, I had less trash than I expected but there is still room for improvement. I had some trash from my animal sciences classes and the marine mammal center that had to go in the sharps container or I had to recycle on site but for the most part I was good about remembering to collect my trash since last Sunday. I filled a reusable shopping bag over the course of the week. There are some papers from chem labs and other handouts from classes, but the majority of my trash was made up of packaging for groceries. Most of which can be rinsed out and recycled but there are some things that were wrapped in thin plastic. As a result of this intervention, I want to buy even fewer single serve containers for items like yogurt and I would like to try to pay  more attention to the amount of packaging on products when I purchase them. I have been good about saving leftovers or open food in reusable containers but I would like to avoid using plastic bags at all to store things in the freezer. This was a great opportunity to confront my waste and understand where I can make cuts and I am thankful for having had this intervention so hopefully I can continue to be mindful of my consumption habits throughout the future.


-Brenna Eikenbary

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