Self Intervention Reflection

This was my first time participating in a self intervention, and the results were helpful for my understanding of sustainable development practices. Early on in the week I had to keep reminding myself to not throw anything away, which was slightly bothersome but encouraged my reflection on the impacts of things I have previously taken for granted. I noticed that I cook many of my meals at home with reusable utensils, plates, etc. and carry a reusable water bottle, which decrease my waste significantly. However, there is room for improvement as I tend to be more wasteful with things like snack wrappers, soda cans and some food packaging from restaurants. The weekends are more difficult to avoid trash cans, because I am usually out with friends and eating. Through this experience I came up with partial solutions to conserving waste, such as carrying a bag with me to save trash with minimal hassle. Sustainable initiatives like this are crucial to protecting our communities and environments around the world, to ultimately halt dangerous outcomes like climate change. Self interventions like this one are a good first step go shifting our perspective on wasteful habits and hopefully contribute to larger changes to society’s position on the environment.

-Peyton From

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