Spilling the T. . . As in Trash

I’m going to be honest, at the beginning of this week(Sunday), I completely forgot about this project. I didn’t realize until Monday.
My trash consisted of candy and gum wrappers, a to go box, wrapped produce, leftovers, old batteries, advertising mail, papers for school purposes, hair, and my black skinny jeans that ripped.
I wasn’t expecting a big outcome since I don’t keep track of what I throw away but, as the week went on, I started to notice. Every time I would buy a snack, an item that was in a container, clothes with tags, or even cook, there was always something that had to be thrown away. Restraining myself to take out my trash was very hard. I noticed that it was during the end of the week(Thursday) is when I had to start playing Jenga with my trash. Trying to see if I could fit my trash into a small trash bag, I was surprised that it didn’t rip a hole. Although I’m happy to finally throw out my trash, this has definitely being an eye-opening experience. It has made me very self conscious about how much trash I can end up collecting. My goal now, is to try and create trash that I can easily recycle and if I can’t, find an alternative way. I don’t like the idea that I could be throwing away something that ruins the world I live in.
Overall, I did collect more trash than expected but I see it as a lesson and I want to learn from it. Trash is something that no one likes.

Jin Ai (HNRS 391)

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