Week of Discovery- Self-Intervention

Joclynn Ransom

When given this project, I was intrigued and curious to see how much trash I would accumulate. I like to think I have healthy eating habits; therefore I would not have boxes of processed food. But, to my surprise, that was the majority of what was in my garbage bag.

Among all the processed food, I noticed the milk carton. I believe it has some recyclable material but I could improve beyond that and buy glass bottles. On average I consume two glasses of milk per day. Something that I buy and consume a lot I should be more conscientious about how I buy it. I know I can buy the glass bottles of milk at California Fresh Market. So after its use I can return the bottle, in addition to a discount.

Normally, I do not buy many processed cereals, brownies, sodas, chips, (most of the garbage in my trash bag) but I had to take into account that this was the remainder of food I had left from my last grocery store visit. So I was trying to, subconsciously, finish all of it before returning to California Fresh.

I concluded from this project that I needed to change the mentality that I had about not consuming a lot of foods that turn into waste. As well as changing my consumption habits. All for the reason to be healthy and help the environment at the same time.

-Joclynn Ransom



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