Sawyer Koelsch – Intervention Reflection

UPDATE: I finished this week trying to produce the least amount of waste as possible. While I am not sure I could be 100% waste free at this point in my life, I have found a few ways that I can stick to and commit to a healthier lifestyle. I will bring my reusable coffee cup to my local cafes, I will begin a composting bin, and I will use reusable glass Tupperware instead of plastic bags. I have found this week that food waste, paper cups, and plastic takeaway bags are the biggest group of waste I have been producing. It has been really great to be able to take this step back and see what I am throwing away and thus, limit this in the future.


I started off this week thinking I would take this self-intervention as more of a challenge. Instead of saving everything I would have thrown away and allowing it to be a realization of how much I was using and trashing, I would challenge myself to produce as little waste as possible. However, I have been out with the flu for the past few days and hence unable to fully participate in saving all of my trash. I have gone through probably 15 individual bags of tea, countless tissues, medicine wrapped in plastic, and various food waste from making soup, all over the past few days. A few ways I’ve thought about reducing waste from this week would be to use loose leaf tea and a reusable diffuser. Also, I could start a composting bin for food scraps. Although I haven’t been able to store everything I would have thrown away because of being sick, I have been able to really reflect on how I could have limited my waste and how I can take that into the future.

– Sawyer Koelsch

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