Self Intervention – Carlos Hinojoza

The first thing I noticed when keeping my trash is I use a lot of water bottles. I may use them again once or twice but for the most part I just throw them away. I realized that I should invest into a Hydroflask so I can stop wasting so much plastic. As for meals go I eat mostly at the campus market so I have those wrappers in the trash bag. I tend to eat a lot of fruit but I didn’t keep the cores or the peels. I kept things that don’t decompose naturally. Back home I used to recycle because it was an easy way to have extra spending money and it didn’t take a lot of time. It definitely does make you think when you’re eating out how much trash they produce and how much food they must waste. In the kitchen in my apartment we have two bins, one for recycling and the other for trash. My roommates and I are pretty good at putting things where they belong. After the week, I noticed I used a lot of water bottles and I didn’t save all of them. After noticing the amount of water bottles I had in a week I think its time to get a reusable water bottle. As for the experience it was cool and eye opening for the future.

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