Anita Kelleher Self Intervention

Anita Kelleher
This was my second time completing this self-intervention, only this time around I felt more conscientious of what materials I was using and the waste I was creating. The first time I completed this self-intervention, I remember feeling disappointed and reluctant to admit to the class the amount of unnecessary plastic I had used without even realizing, e.g. grocery bags, straws, plastic utensils. Now, months later, I am slightly less embarrassed to show the waste I used/created/collected this week. While there aren’t any disposable straws or utensils or Ziploc baggies, a large majority of my waste still comes from food and food products. This assignment also has me reflect on the foods I eat. I am a nutrition major, so food is a passion of mine and my diet is relatively healthy. However, these “healthy foods” I eat require preservation and thus packaging. So then, I thought: “Well, I can make a lot of these foods.” For example, the box and bag of granola I used, could easily be salvaged if I made my own granola, which would probably taste better too. The dried mango, I could probably make myself. The empty gigantic orange juice bottle that will now end up in some landfill, could be done without if I just made my own orange juice.

I think in order to accomplish my goal of producing less waste, I need to make 4 adjustments to my daily life:
1. Make a grocery list, with the ‘no plastic’ mentality.
2. Leave time to prepare these meals.
3. Shop at grocery stores that sells bulk, bringing my own jars or containers.
4. Start a compost pile! I’m hoping to do this by the end of the quarter.

There is definitely an underlying problem to the current waste crisis. In America, as in many of other parts of the world, we fall victim to the tyranny of convenience. Many of us live to work, rather working just enough to live comfortably. We think, “I don’t have time to squeeze my own oranges.” But you do! I do! For many reasons, saving the planet being one of them, I really want to try and change the way I and the people I love view time.

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