Kaylee O’Brien-Final Summary

I have finally finished this first intervention. In the end, I think it opened my eyes to where the majority of my trash comes from and how I can cut down on that waste. In the beginning, I thought that I was going to have a lot more trash than what I ended up with.  Most of my trash consists of paper towels, kleenex, plastic bags, and plastic food packaging. I found that I definitely collected more trash every time I ate out or bought prepackaged food. I think that it is really interesting that the healthier and more natural food I ate the less trash I would generate. This is something that I’m going to continue to work on. One encouraging thing was that I did not have much food waste. The food waste that I did have includes the tops of strawberries and the peels of some other fruit and vegetables. If I were to start a compost I could put those items to use instead of throwing them out. Overall I want to cut down on my use of paper towels and plastic bags. With using reusable containers and cloth towels I can reduce my amount of waste.

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