Self Intervention-Don’t Throw Anything Away for a Week

October 15th 2018

Don’t Throw Anything Away

First of all, I’m already that type of person to save a lot of trash and not throw it away LOL Therefore, this wasn’t difficult at all. During this week of not throwing anything away I gathered even more trash then what I already keep, so here is the list. I usually get Starbucks twice a day everyday, I know, I know, that is really bad and a waste of money, but I am addicted. Therefore, I managed to save a total of 14 venti Starbucks cups. I eat out once a day, about 5 times a week so I gathered 3 Subway wraps and 2 Blaze Pizza boxes. In this list there was also 21 bubble gum wraps. The rest of the meals I have are prepped, so I didn’t have anymore food trash. I tend to finish all my food and don’t really waste. However, in my baggy I also had 3 glass cleaning wipes, 1 tire cleaner bottle, and 1 tire foam bottle. All of this from when I wash my car. Last but not least, I had am empty chapstick and a empty cologne glass bottle.

My thoughts about this were pretty much what I already had in mind. Lots of things are reusable and we should hold on to them for a little longer. Why buy cups for pong when I can use the fancy ones from Starbucks. Hey! more beer to drink. Im kidding, don’t listen to me. Also, those tire cleaner and foam bottles, I can possibly use them as a spray bottle. For example, window cleaner, lysol, I don’t now, many things. You get my point.

What is the idea? Save things that you can reuse.


Mariel Bernal-Ordaz

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