Andre Harnack Self Intervention

This week I was told to focus on how much trash I accumulate throughout my average week. After only three days I was shocked to see how much waste I already had accumulated. Most of the waste I realized was plastic packaging which came from food items. Almost all food items other than the ones at large grocery stores come in intense amounts of plastic packaging. Which makes sense, because now a days everyone is competing to market their product the best, which results in unnecessary amounts of packaging. My number one goal after realizing this trend is to consume less foods that come in plastic packaging. My top product that I realized consumed the most plastic to package was Keurig K cups. Instead of using these k cups I am going to start making coffee the old fashion way in a coffee pot to save plastic. Finally the last item that was causing the most waste buildup was my yerba mate addiction. I drink one to two a day to keep me up when instead i could be making the tea myself and saving all the plastic and metal used to package them.

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