Luke Jelmini Self Intervention

It’s quite strange looking at your life in terms of trash. In my experience, I lived in one of the most urbanized cities in the country, Los Angeles. There, we have some of the greatest “out of sight, out of mind” symptoms ever. Everyone is very gung-ho about recycling and reducing our carbon footprint but no one was actually willing to do their part. They just wanted to throw it in the blue bin and feel like a better person for doing that. But I am getting off topic, speaking of trash, this experiment made me realize that you literally¬†see one’s life in the trash. I eat a lot of bananas (at least two a day). I also use more foam than I thought I did. It comes from the packaging that is used to wrap meat (chicken, pork or beef) of which I eat a great deal. I felt terrible for continuing this travesty. Polyurethane is one of the worst material for the environment due to its inability to degrade into the environment. Lastly, I use way more paper towels than I should. I use paper towels for general cleanliness such as the countertops, dishes, and glasses when I really should be using hand towels. This is an easy and simple fix that will prevent the¬†overuse of paper towels and save money as well since it is much cheaper to just wash the hand towel afterward than it is to buy more paper towels. Overall, this intervention was useful for my knowledge and I am glad I did it.

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