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Although it took me until Wednesday last week to actually not throw anything away, once I started it wasn’t too hard to remember. This week without throwing away trash went pretty well for me I think. I tend to eat the same food day in and day out, so my trash patterns tended to stay the same. I always have either eggs or a smoothie for breakfast so on the days I had smoothies I produced no trash for breakfast and only eggshells on the other days. On the days that I have eggs for breakfast I then make a protein smoothie for lunch, so again, on those days I did’nt have any trash for lunch. On Tuesday and Thursday I got a smoothie bowl and that ended up acting as my breakfast and lunch on those days, resulting in a plastic bowl and wooden sppon for trash. For dinner throughout the week I had chicken and veggies and pasta and chicken. The only waste produced from that was the empty chicken pack and the spaghetti bag. A few exceptions did make their way in their though. My roommate and I shared a pack of oreos which I kept with my trash, I had a frozen food meal for dinner one night, and lastly, I had chick-fil-a for lunch twice. All-in-all my trash came exclusively from food this past week- which means I didn’t spend any money on other stuff this past week which is nice.

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