Self Intervention

I am Blake Irysh and I have been thinking a lot about the lower emotional intelligence of males as opposed to females. I decided this week to spend at least 10 minutes a day sitting in my emotions. I wanted to identify what I was feeling as well as observe how that effected me physically, mentally, and the impact it had on my outside life. This proved to be extremely helpful in my life. By taking the time to explore myself, I was able to see how my emotions affected me physically. Going forward with this knowledge I will be able to know what I am feeling quickly by observing my physiological reactions. For example, I now know that when I am experiencing anxiety, my chest tightens and I get a lump in my throat. So, when I experience that tightness in the future, I know I should start some of my coping mechanisms to get ahead of the anxiety. Mentally sitting with my emotion has let me explore why I am feeling them and how to progress through them. I have identified what was the cause of my happiness, sadness, anxiety, etc, and can adjust my life to experience more of the positive emotions. This leads straight into how my emotions affect my daily life. Most of this discovery was in my relationships. I observed how my emotions affect others closest to me and I was able to plan out strategies for changing my behavior based on how I wish to treat those around me. Overall I feel I have become much more self-aware and capable of growth in emotional intelligence and communication because I took the time to study my emotion. I believe if this skill was taught on a grander scale then there would be less conflict and better communication in the world.

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