Andre Harnack Self Intervention

Recently I have been getting notifications on my phone telling me how much time I spend looking at my phone screen. On average it says I spend about 3 1/2 hours a day using my phone whether it be on social media or making phone calls. My goal for the past few weeks is to use my phone much less and spend more time doing activities or homework, anything more productive than staring at a screen. I found that it is actually really hard not to constantly use my phone throughout the day do to all the uses phones provide now a days. However i have also realized that I am constantly looking for my phone and using it for unnecessary reasons. So I decided to change my goal to checking my phone less. I first had to make sure I turn my alarm on so that if I did in fact get an important notification i would hear it. Throughout the past few weeks I have improved by forcing myself to not check my phone constantly, every time i feel the urge to open my phone up I decide to distract myself with something else. Skating and surfing more has definitely helped the most, and I recommend to anyone having the same difficulties to try and find a healthy distraction and to turn to it when finding yourself in a portal staring at your phone screen. I feel much more productive and healthy when I do so and I know you will too.

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