No Social Media Reflections by Emily Holloway

For my final intervention, I chose to spend a week off of social media. What I found with this most recent time trying to stay off social media is the habitual nature behind pulling up an app on my phone whenever I had down time. It was subconscious and way too easy. Have a few minutes to spare before class or before bed? Sit down and pull up Instagram. Wait no, no. Quickly get off Instagram. This process happened way too often and honestly had me a little disappointed in the way that I have integrated social media into a majority of my waking moments every day.

This intervention became much easier as the week went on. Of course when big moments came around, I would have the urge to want to post something about it; a quick Snapchat or Instagram picture, but the moment would pass and I felt refreshed to not be tied to my screen. I found that during this week, I got way more homework done, had more time to be outside or at the gym, and felt an overall lesser level of stress. I enjoyed the times out with my friends more and had zero worries about what other people were doing because I simply didn’t see it unless in person. We like to post our best selves on social media to show our community how happy we are/appear to be or to fit a certain “brand”. I frankly found my happiest self to be when I wasn’t using these platforms at all.

I am more conscious of when I felt more consumed about what was happening on my screen versus in my present life and quickly adjusted if there was an imbalance. I strive to continue this attitude after this week and return to this intervention if I ever lose sight of these insights again.

-Emily Holloway

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