This project seems simple in theory- but in practice it is complex. I started trying to cut down my consumption by doing simple things I normally do in my everyday life. These include: bringing reusable bags to the grocery store, using a reusable Keurig cup (you put your own coffee inside and take it out when you have used it), and try to cut back on things I would normally throw away. This project is challenging already. It has allowed me to see how much I do consume, whether it is packaging from something I ordered online or even a Ziploc baggie I used to bring a snack to campus. Last week I attended the career fair, so much garbage is produced at this event. I decided after the 3rd company I spoke to that I would not be taking any more fliers, instead, I took pictures of fliers and employers company cards. One recruiter was impressed by my efforts to be environmentally conscious and asked me about this class and why we were doing this project. I keep the bags of garbage in the garage because my roommate began to get annoyed with them in our room. I realized that I do order many things online and when they come the packaging all goes to my recycling bag, there is a lot that goes into this. I have tried to cut back what I do buy online but sometimes it is things from amazon that might not be at a local store so it is easier and faster to buy them online. I realized most of my trash is able to be recycled which is positive. I am trying to cut back on unnecessary plastic consumption and packaging from online shopping. This project allowed me to see how much I do consume and how simple it would be to cut down this consumption. I am now aware of what needs to change!

  • Milena Triana

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