Don’t Throw Away Reflection

I conducted this intervention during the week of October 3rd to October 10th. In the first couple of days of this intervention, it was a little hard remembering to save all the trash that I normally throw throughout the day, for example the ziplock bags that I usually take my lunches in. In fact, a few times, I had to rummage through the trash cans to pick up what I had thrown, to take it home with me. Going into this, I had a feeling that I would accumulate a bit of trash. And, I did not disappoint that prediction. I collected almost one and a half paper bags full of trash, and half a bag of compost. I think that this intervention served as a really introspective experience into the amounts of trash I personally throw. In just a week, I collected two bags worth of garbage. That’s A LOT. Considering trash is the toughest waste to get rid of, it was quite disappointing that I had accumulated that the most. I had tried to be a minimalist, and use reusable items when I go shopping or when I am preparing food, but as it turned out, I could do better. From now on, I am going to be more conscious of what I use and what I throw away, and how I could be more conservative.

By: Monica Shehata

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