No WiFi?

Pete here… I didn’t do this intervention… full disclosure. I’ve done it some 20 times with my different classes, and frankly, this is how I live anyway by and large. For example. I had a bunch of people over last night… after the “full moon hike!” we meet at the top of Sydney around 6 PM and watch the moon rise at the top – see photo attachment. Every month. Bring your people sometime. Anyway, afterwards they all came to my house. They left and I cleaned up and ate a bunch of the food off the plates rather than compost it… carbon free food… but probably not germ free. Will I get sick? Haven’t so far. One year I actually did a reverse intervention and threw anything in the trash that wasn’t of immediate use to me… painful, but I wanted to identify with the status quo.

So my intervention this month is that… well my wife left with her son who I adopted after we married, we’re splitting up (different story). Anyway, she took the WiFi with her. I decided not to replace it, knowing that such a move would monumentally change my life. The gross majority of my conflicts with my kids is over internet media. And me? I don’t work at home the same way… and not as much. I’m playing piano more. If I have to connect, I go downtown. The people at Kreuzberg and Linnaea’s know me pretty well. It is more fun than working at home. I save $60 a month but spend way way more of that on cafe food. The kids complain and tell me they don’t want to be at my house… but so far, they keep coming.

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