Don’t Throw Anything Away- Kate Bilse

The Don’t Throw Anything Away Intervention made me more aware of the waste I produce. This intervention took place from It made me realize how it takes conscious effort to reduce waste. I realized how on a day to day basis, I am not mindful of how much I throw away and that my waste amount does add up. I also realized that most of my waste comes from the food I eat. Looking at how much waste, I produced at the end of the week was eye-opening but it was less disturbing than when I did the Don’t Throw Anything Away Intervention for the UNIV 492: Appropriate Technology for the World’s People: Design class I took two years ago. I noticed that two years ago, I generated a lot more waste because I bought more pre-packaged food and went out to eat more. I did not have as much waste this quarter, because I have put more effort into reusing plastic bags, composting, putting my food into reusable containers, meal prepping instead of eating out and buying prepackaged meals. I used to have a Costco membership and I realized that many products I bought in bulk generated a large amount of trash. This quarter, I have put more effort into buying ingredients to make specific meals which have decreased my waste amount. This don’t throw anything away intervention reminded me to keep putting in the effort to reduce my waste imprint and to purchase reusable containers, such as reusable plastic bags and to bring my container and utensils when I eat out.

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