One conclusion that I came to is that I throw away a lot more than I thought I would in one week. For my meals, I always use tupperware and reusable silverware and I often refrain from using ziplock bags/ plastic wraps. So I thought that my trashed food items would be trivial. However, my trash accumulated pretty fast throughout the week and as you can see, 99% of my waste comes from either food products or napkins/wipes and lots of beverages like dairy free milk, coffee, etc (stay hydrated!). Not pictured (other than a few strawberry leftovers) on the right are a lot of veggies and raw items that I went through. I realized that so much of my compostables items gets thrown in the same bin as the trash. This is largely due to the fact that I cook very often and use many greens and raw sources in my vegan diet. And while I cook, I subconsciously throw away scraps.

Finally, going through this intervention was difficult because it was so tempting to just throw away trash on sight. I think because there are so many frequent opportunities to throw trash away (like trashcans on every corner), it is easy to forget how much waste you contribute in such a short amount of time. I think this was a great way to step back and see each of our own direct impact.

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