Alec Lazar Self-Intervention

This self intervention really opened my eyes about how much trash I really use. I live in a single apartment, so not being able to throw my trash away really caught my attention. I realized that, since I no longer have roommates, I must hold myself accountable for how much waste I create on a daily basis. I am a fourth year Industrial Technology and Packaging major, and I study something very similar to this in regards to manufacturing processes. In the industry I am studying to pursue, the goal is to remove waste from supply chains, however applying what I have learned in school to a personal level, I am displeased. Even though I have reusable utensils and tableware, I still find myself using plastic silverware and paper plates. I got in the habit last year of doing the same thing but I never really realized how bad I was contributing to the demise of our mother Earth. This self intervention taught me a lot in; I have now vowed a pledge to myself that I will no longer be as wasteful as I have in the past. I will use the techniques that I have learned throughout my college career, and apply them to my personal well being. It was tough (with only one trashcan) to allow the trash to compile in my apartment this past week. From now on, I hope to only have to throw my garbage in the dumpster once a week. I will be more mindful about what is considered waste, and try to limit the amount of garbage I produce from now on.

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