Self Intervention — Jiaqi Zhao

This self intervention has an unexpected result for me. At the beginning, I am only treating this “assignment ” as an meaningless work. However, after collecting 6 days of the life waste, I find some problems deeply rooted in my daily life and I haven’t noticed them before.

For sustainability aspect, I do not have the habit to separate the trash in groups — recycle, wet trash, dry trash, polluted trash. This action is responsible for the environment of the world. I will pay more attention to separate trash in groups.

For nutrition aspect, I seriously find out that my dieting is very unhealthy. I never record what I eat exactly. Specially in the college time, I usually eat what is the most approachable for me. In my trash (the white bag), there are lots of fast food package and unhealthy snacks. They have bad influence on my health. Therefore, I am also thankful to this assignment which makes me re-consider my diet and health issue.

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