Self Intervention- Louisa Nickerson

This was such an eye-opening activity for me! I thought that I was generally “environmentally conscious” but after seeing how much waste I created in just one week, I realized I could do way more to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Even after just a couple days of this intervention I was remarking to my roommates “this is crazy, look at how much trash I already have in my bag!” This invention assignment prompted me to shop at Sprouts instead of Trader Joe’s, and bring my own bags for my produce, and buy a shampoo and conditioner bar instead of plastic bottles when I needed a replacement. It has made me realize how much small choices can really add up, and the amount of packaging on most of the products and food I routinely purchase. I am dong this intervention assignment again this week to see if my small choices will make a difference by the end of the week, I’m guessing yes!

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