Self Intervention: Don’t Throw Away – Montana Tasker

I found this week of self intervention to be very difficult but rewarding. I had to start over several times and I forgot about certain things along the way. There should be a few extra kind bars that I eat every morning on my way to class in my pile of trash, along with all trash that I obtain while eating out that I never have to deal with. I also left out my coffee cups and everything that I consumed while I wasn’t at home. The biggest problem I had was remembering to put the my trash my pile of trash outside. My roommates were quite confused when I told them they couldn’t take this one trash bag to the trash can outside. However, once I got going on remembering to throw my trash away in my pile, I found the project to be quite interesting. I learned that I consume a ton of food and a lot of trash accumulates from that. I also start noticing habits of myself and my roommates. We don’t truly recycle everything that could be recycled and we often times just throw the trash in the easiest, most convenient bin. I think it’s pretty astonishing how much trash just one person can accumulate within 4-5 days. I say 4-5 days because I had to start over so many times. If I would’ve kept it going from the start, my pile of trash would be overflowing. I think this self project is important for every single person in the world. If we all start noticing what we throw away, how much trash we accumulate, we can start realizing how to reduce that and make a habit of throwing things away in the right way. One of my roommate loved the idea and starting noticing her habits as well. Really enjoyed the project.

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