Self Intervention- Isabella Sevigny

This intervention was incredibly difficult for me because it was the perfect example of how hard it become to do things when your plan goes awry. This last week I broke my fibula, and I must say‚Ķ. do you realize how much trash you create when something does not go to plan!!! First, I ordered a knee-scooter device, and then a boot from amazon to try to help myself get around Cal Poly Campus. Unfortunately I don’t have photos of the trash these orders created (they were thrown out almost immediately by my roommates in my tiny apartment) but it was astounding the amount of packaging they created. This along with struggling to carry my trash on crutches made my self intervention a bit of a fail. I managed to log some of my trash, which is attached. This experience just showed me how easy it may be to be methodical while everything is going according to plan, but what counts is how you act and react when plans fail. In an ideal situation, I would have found a more sustainable means of purchasing medical equipment- in store, or somewhere else.

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