Self Intervention – Kurt

I found this week long discovery of my trash build up to be very eye opening. I’ve always prided myself on reusing utensils and food containers that can be cleaned and put towards other meals. This week really showed me how much trash and recyclables I create from the packaging of my food alone. My fresh produce and meats all contained packaging that was immediately put into the trash. On top of that most of my meat packaging involved a styrofoam base of some sort which doesn’t break down. While saving all my trash I was also more keen on recycling and making sure my recycled products were cleaned off before tossing them in. I learned a lot more about which products are recyclable while also focusing more on buying products that have less trash packaging. This has shown me the amount that I alone create and how if I am on top of my own trash purchasing it will be a small step in reducing this ever growing problem.

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