Self Intervention, Don’t Throw Anything Away, Ellia Simmons

This was an extremely challenging intervention. I started on October 2nd but had to keep restarting until I got the hang of it on the 5th. ended my collecting on the 12th. Although I am glad to not be carrying a small bad of trash around with me every day and be down with my roommate begging me to take the trash out This exercise was very enlightening. Most of the trash I accrued was plastic food containers. This did not surprise me since most to go containers are plastic, but it was surprising the sheer volume of one single person over just one week. I managed to fill a full sized trash bad to about 3/4 full in just one week. This project really showed my shame (ice cream cartons) and caused me to think. Can I choose to have less trash? How do I reduce my use of single use plastics (the majority of my trash). Additionally I did not collect all of the trash I throw away every time I work at my job at Starbucks. This is because my managers were not a fan of me collecting trash in the back like a raccoon. However I did keep it on my mind, and I estimate I would have filled another full bag at least from the three shifts I worked that week. This intervention really gets frightening when you extrapolate it. If everyone in this class collected around the same amount that I did, then that’s 50 ish bags of trash, and that’s when we are being conscientious of it. This intervention allowed me to audit my purchasing chores and try to make less waste personally

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