Self Intervention of Choice- Max Lassiter

For my third and final self intervention I decided to get off my phone for an entire weekend. Friday night after texting anyone who would get worried about me not answering I turned off my phone at around 6 pm. It started off very easy and I actually got through the first night without even thinking about it. The issue came the next morning when I woke up, I don’t own a watch so not only did I not have any ability to communicate but I constantly found myself wondering about simple stuff such as simply what time it was. However, I managed to survive the whole weekend without giving in and ended up turning my phone on at roughly 7 pm on Sunday (for strictly school needs). 

During this time away from my phone i noticed one main thing, I felt disconnected from the world. I however realized that this disconnect got rid of basically all of my anxiety. I felt very free and calm and had an amazingly  stress less weekend. All in all this self intervention made me re think technologies place in my life, I think I learned  that absolute connection isn’t necessarily always a good thing in particular for me.

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