Don’t Throw Away Self Intervention

We change something in our lives and see how it feels, and share what we learn in the experience. Classes with Pete Schwartz

  • Don’t throw anything away for a week. Neither compost, recyclables, trash… nothing. Save it for a week anyway you like.
    • If you want to be really extreme… carry everything with you for the week!
  • At the end of the week separate into landfill, recyclables (actually downcyclables), compost, plastic bags, and any other pile. For instance, I can donate some packaging material to the bike kitchen, so I do that.
  • Take a single picture of the separated waste indicating which each is. Take a screen shot of the picture or reduce it to about 100 kb by some other means. If you send me several pictures or something I can’t use, I’ll be disappointed. It takes me several hours to assemble these pictures, so I appreciate your efforts.
  • Send me an Email with the picture and a reflection about your experience. What did you change about your life? What was the response of other people? What was challenging? Interesting? Please don’t send detailed analysis. Many students send a page-long detailed analysis of their trash and why it is the way it is. I’m looking for your experience. What was it like for you? Send the narrative in the Email or in a word document. No .pdfs please.
  • I will post this narrative and picture without your name. If there’s anything you want to tell me that you don’t want posted, please include it in a different Email.

We used to have this blog that students entered individually. However, now I just upload a .pdf of each class:

Energy, Society, and the Environment, Winter 2019, Alice, Andre’s Addition
Self Intervention #1 310 Spring 2019
Appropriate Technology, Design, Spring 2019